Urumqi Fair

This was the website for the 1998 Urumqi Fair held in Xinjiang, China.
Content is from the site's 1998 archived page to be perused for historical purposes only

When I view a website for a fair such as this, I appreciate all the technology advances that have been made with help desk platforms. Today help desk programs are as diverse and unique as any other product. While it’s clear that the primary focus of most help desks is to serve customers, some companies rely on their customer support for more thank collecting customer contacts. Help Desk software can also be used to store important customer data, or to track potential customers through the sales process. Others use their software exclusively as a CRM. Every participant in this fair could have used a robust help desk platform such as Zen Desk, as well as a techie who would customize the Zen Desk set up to fit the brand identity. I am amazed how businesses were even able to handle their customer services without a help desk. Thank goodness those days are past.



If you are interested in Urumqi Fair, You should get an invitation to the fair for your visa and Visitor ID card, which an be gotten from the following organizations prior to Aug. 15th: Urumqi Fair Office of Xinjiang Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation(DOFTEC); Add: 11 Tuanjie Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang, 830001, P.R.China. Tel: 86-991-2879890, 2850497 Fax: 2879890, 2860255. E-mail:urumfair@mail.wl.xj.cn . Xinjiang's enterprises with which you have business relations; The Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of P.R.C.in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,and Pakistan.


If you have decided to visit Urumqi Fair,please fill in the following form and send it to us. we will list your details into Foreign visitors Directory.

Arriving at Urumqi, you're requested to proceed to the 2nd floor of Kunlun Hotel for visitor cards, for your convenience for admission and bussiness talks.

For a visitor card, your passport and Invitation are required with a one-inch photo and a business card.

Information for Participants

If you want stands for the exposition, please fill in the Application form and send it to the Urumqi Fair Office prior to July 30th,then the Office will grant you a Confirmation with which you will enjoy preferential treatment and get your visitor card free of charge.

Participant could join any organization for trade promotion, and are welcome to order stands directly from Urumqi Fair Office.10-20% discount or commission will be given to the organizer who orders more than 10 stands.

Preferential Treatment: According to preferential treatment of border trade, a tariff of 50% discount will be collected on a batch of exhibits, and a tariff-free on a small amount of exhibits no more than RMB 5000, except those commodities forbidden to import or administrated by quotas and licenses.

The exhibits will be inspected priorly at Chinese Ports, and are permitted to display and sell during Urumqi Fair without any inspection.

The equivalents of exhibits, cash or Chinese commodities are permitted to be taken away from China, except some kinds of goods forbidden to be exported.

Participants have a priority to go through entry and exit formalities, to book air and train tickets, holding the Invitation or the confirmation of stands.



Stand and Price

Xinjiang International Exhibition Center(XIEC) provides standard stands (3m*3m) on the ground floor, with 3 panel walls (2.5m high), a table, 3 chairs, 2 fluorescent strip lights (40w), a wastebasket, a socket (220v), and a fascia panel with exhibitor's name in both Chinese and English.The rent for indoor standard stand for 8-days display is USD 1,000, i.e. USD 111 per sq.m.

XIEC also provides 180 ourdoor standard stands(3m*3m) with a table, 3 chairs, a canvas roof and the rent for it is USD 70 per sq.m. Morever, there are 3,000-sq.m. of open area for demonstration of large-sized equipment and the rent is USD 25 per sq.m.

Every participants should pay USD 50 to enlist his name in Directory and Urumqi Fair Online. 

Exhibition Centre Logo
International Exhibition Centre

Full Scene of International Exhibition Centre

The name of Exhibition Centre inscribed by Premier Li Peng




China's Xinjiang Internation Exhibition Centre is under the Xinjiang Department of foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. In the centre there is an exhibition department, an advertising company, an impott and export corporation, a travel agency, a furniture company Ltd. and Commercial Company. The centre covers an area of 63,000 square metres. It has fourteen Exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 15,000 square metres. Besides this, there is an outdoor space of nearly 7,650 square metres. It is the sole ideal place for large - scale activities in Xinjiang, such as domestic and foreign exhibitions, economic and trade negotiations, trade fairs, etc. Since 1992, the centre has successfully run all the Previous Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and trade Fairs. These events received favourable comments from businessmen at home and abroad. The centre has its feet firmly planted at home yet keeps the world in its view. It organizes and undertakes such activities as domestic and foreign exhibitions, commodities fairs, trade negotiations and scientific, technical and cultural exchanges. It can provide services for domestic and foreign businessmen in many ways, such as organizing exhibitions and meetings, trading, shopping, arranging tours, communications, transpottation, advertising, printing, consultations, etc.

Add£ºNo.43 North Youhao Rd. Urumqi, China
Tel:(0991) 4844160 4823376
Fax:(0991) 4843753 4823349




Unit: Square metre
101 hall 102 hall 103 hall 104 hall 105 hall 106 hall 107 hall 108 hall 301 hall
512 871 635 871 512 1471 1300 1471 703
201 hall 202 hall 203 hall 204 hall 205 hall 206 hall 207 hall 208 hall  
512 871 430 871 512 440 1600 1600  




A General Introduction to Xinjiang Uygur




The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located in the northerwestern part of China, in the hinterland of Eurasia.Covering an area of more than 1.66 million square  kilometers, is the largest administrative division.Xinjiang is contiguous to the People's Republic of Mongolia,Russia, Kazhstan, Kirghizstan,Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, with a boudary ine of more than 5,400 kilometers, the longest in China.Xinjiang has a typical continental climate, with sufficient sun- shine but little rainfall,It's yearly precipitation averages only 150 mm and des- parity of tempera ture in the whole region is above 12c.



The total population of Xinjiang is over 16.89 million, among which the minority nationalities 
are over 10 million, account for 62 of the total population, including Uygur, Hans, Kazarks, Huis, 
Mongols, Kirghizes, tajiks, Uzbeks, Tatars, Manshus, Russians,etc. Most of the minority nationa-
lities believe in Islamism and this makes Xinjiang one of the main residential areas for Chinese 

Under Xinjiang Autonomous Region are five autonomous prefecture, eight prefectures, 3 cities 
under the direct jurisdiction of the region,85 cities at county level,11 regions under the direct jurisdi-
ction of city.Urumqi is the cipital city.

* Five Autonomous Prefecture: Ili Kazark Autonomous Prefecture,Bortala  Mongol Autonomous
Prefecture, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Bayangol Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, 
and Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture

* Eitgt Prefecture: Turpon, Kumul(Hami), Aksu, Kashgar(Kashi) Hotan, Ili, Tarbagaty(Tachen), 
and Altay

Three Cities under the direct jurisdiction of the region: Urumqi,  Karamay,Shihezi